Terms & Conditions

By registering, all individuals who wish to attend classes/ seminars/ shows/ events held by the Improv School “Heraklion Improv Theater”, automatically accept and agree to the following terms:

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for attending any seminar or class provided by Heraklion Improv Theater shall be paid according to the description of each seminar or class and specifically before the start of the class. If the fees are not  paid on time, the School will not allow the individual  to attend the classes/ seminars unless there is a prior agreement between the individual and the School.

Tuition Fee Policy

The School will only provide a refund of the tuition fees if an individual requests so within 10 days from the starting day of a multi-week class/seminar. If a refund is issued, it implies the immediate interruption of that individual’s participation to that class/ seminar.

Fees that have been paid by an individual for registration in a special, not regular workshop or seminar, will not be returned.

  • If for any reason, a seminar is to be canceled, the fees will not be returned as long as the School provides a new date and time to replace the cancellation.
  • If the student has paid part or all of the fees, but fail to attend the classes for whatever reason (partly or in full), there is no possibility of a refund for the amount they have already paid. Moreover, there is no possibility to counterbalance the amount paid to a seminar or workshop that the individual might want to register in the future.
  • If a student is not able to attend a workshop, for whatever reason, that they have already registered for, they are obliged to pay in full the tuition fees of that workshop.

Postponing – Canceling seminars

The School reserves the right to cancel or postpone any seminar or class, for any reason, if it deems impossible to make it happen. In that case, the School will schedule a new date and time to replace it, as the School sees fit.

Class replacement

If a class or a seminar is cancelled due to the School’s or an instructor’s fault, then a replacement time and date will be announced as soon as possible.

  • In case a student is not able to attend to a class or seminar that they have registered, the School is not responsible to provide a replacement class. Nonetheless, the School may provide that possibility if and when the situation permits and at the School’s discretion.


In case of an absence or severe delay, students are obliged to inform the School.

For every 6 – 8 week class, each student is allowed to be absent for 2 classes without that impacting the learning process. In case a student is absent for 3 or more classes, they can continue attending the rest of the class, but they will not be able to advance to the next level unless they re-take the same level once more.

  • Being late for class by more than fourty five (45) minutes counts as being absent in that class.

Special term

Seminars, classes, shows and other events hosted by Heraklion Improv Theater might be taped and/ or photographed. That material is intellectual property and copyrighted under Heraklion Improv Theater. The School reserves the right to use that material for advertising or commercial purposes. Each attendee/ student, by registering or attending an event hosted by the School, automatically allows the usage of that material from the School (regardless if they are pictured on it or not) for the pre-mentioned purposes.

The process and protection of the attendees’ personal information follow the terms of the privacy policy document, the terms of this text and the relevant provisions of the Greek law (Law 2472 / 1997, P.D. 207/1998. P.D. 79/2000 and no. 8Ν. 2819/2000), as well as the European law (Directive 97/66/EC, EU General Data Protection Regulation. 2016/679, that is valid since May 25th 2018).       

  • In case an attendee does not want to have their face portrayed in the material that might be published by the School, they shall mention it in writing prior to the commencement of the event.
  • Students are not allowed to tape, photograph or record the class while in session. If this happens, the student shall delete that material in front of the instructor at the end of the class, following the relevant provisions of the Greek and European law (see above).

Order of services and consumer protection

Ordering services through the School’s website is regulated by the 2251/1994 legislation and the subsequent modifications that have been applied to it. The ordering process happens through filling a specific form and is valid only after the user has read and accepted the terms and conditions that accompany that particular form.

Free classes/ seminars registration terms

In case of a free class or free seminar or free event that is being held by Heraklion Improv Theater, the student/ attendee does not have the obligation to pay any tuition fees. Nevertheless, participating at an event (even if free), implies automatic agreement to all of the others terms of this document (apart from the monetary obligations).

Use of emails

When registering to attend a class/ seminar/ event/ show offered by Heraklion Improv Theater, participants agree to the use of their emails from Heraklion Improv Theater in order to communicate with them future events/ classes/ seminars/ shows. Attendees’ emails are not to be used in any other way and will not be transferred to third parties. Every attendee has the right to, at any time, be removed from the email lists of Heraklion Improv Theater. To do so, they can either contact us in writting at [email protected] and state their wish or choose to unsubscribe from the option offered within the email itself.