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At Heraklion Improv Theater we offer a cohesive, highly educational series of corporate services. Our services provide much more than the usual and trivial corporate services. Our services are interactive with focus on the needs of the client. We harness the tools of improv and apply them in the workplace.

Applied Improv is a technique used by corporations worldwide to achieve fast, essential and long-lasting results for their employees’ training. Through Applied Improv, we provide the necessary tools that your employees need to strengthen their business soft skills.

Applied Improv empowers people in your company, accelerates their trust and flexibility, and releases their creativity. We create a safe environment, where non-constructive criticism has no place. But we don’t stop there: our workshops are often fast paced and our participants have heaps of fun, which pushes them to drop their prejudices, take risks in a safe environment and start thinking innovatively and creatively. It drives the development of new ties between colleagues and consequently reveals them a new perspective to their work.

Our workshops are collaborative. All of our services are highly educational and entertaining at the same time.

improv teamwork


  • Work effectively as a team
  • Embrace the unexpected
  • Tune your thoughts, ideas, and body to be creative and innovative
  • Build trust among members of the company
  • Develop your ability to listen without judging to the ideas of others
  • Learn how to believe in your ideas
  • Learn how to communicate your thoughts and ideas better
  • Practice stagecraft skills borrowed from the improv stage.
  • Capture attention and influence.
  • Leadership training, thinking on your feet, and being present

…and much more.          

We can spark teams through one-off team-building sessions or drive change through longer-lasting workshops.

By nature, Improv is entertaining, so next to our workshops for your bigger or smaller teams of employees and our individual training for skills developing, we offer for all your corporate events:

  • Improv shows
  • ice-breakers
  • mood-boost sessions
  • creative environment facilitation

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Collaboration is key. Each company is different, as is every team and person – with different goals, challenges and timelines. So are all our services. Tailored to each company’s needs and wants.

Contact us to fins the service that fits your needs.

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