Safe Space Policy
Heraklion Improv Theater

The principles of Heraklion Improv Theater are:

  • Trust
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Care

Everything we do on and off stage follows these principles.

Based on these principles we have created and run Heraklion Improv Theater. We have, as a primary focus, for HIT to be a safe space for everyone. We give utmost importance to observing equal opportunities and we support and embrace all people. We believe that everyone should be treated respectfully and equally regardless of their race, nationality, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, color, age, disability or any other characteristics that are protected by laws.

We have zero tolerance of any kind towards  harassment, discrimination, hatred or fanaticism. That includes, but is not limited to racial, sexist, racist, homophobic threats as well as simulation of violence towards any specific social group as well as the simulation of non-consensual sex. There is an abundance of other things that you can make up on stage!

Important points for our students and teachers

  • Support each other, on stage and off stage
  • Work together as a team
  • Listen to your scene partners
  • Collaborate with your scene partners, unless it’s unsafe or demeaning to do so.
  • Respect all physical boundaries of your scene partners and don’t do anything that might be physically dangerous to you and/or your scene partners.
  • Respect all sexual boundaries, on and off stage.
  • Always improvise from a place of trust, love, respect and care for your scene partners and the audience.
  • Safety, trust and support is always more important than the temporary existence of an Improv scene. So if in doubt, stop the scene, and you won’t be made to feel bad for doing so. Your mental and physical health is more important than any scene.
  • Social groups that might be minorities or marginalized by society, treat them with respect. Do not create characters-caricatures in scenes and do not contribute to their further marginalization.
  • Difficult subject matter in scenes is to be treated with full emotional intelligence, and your teachers are there to help you with this.
  • Help us to create an environment free from harassment of any kind, on and off stage.

In case you are subjected to or you notice any kind of behavior that you believe might create an unsafe environment, please proceed immediately to do one (or all) of the following actions:

If we receive a report of this kind, we will start a thorough investigation and the person that submitted can, if they so wish, talk to us further directly.

If we think a student is a physical, sexual or any other kind of danger to the rest of the class, or if they carry out harassment or bullying of any kind, they may be asked to leave the course and all other Heraklion Improv events and even the Improv community as a whole.

All information and procedures that concern these kinds of behaviors remain confidential.

In case you have been accused of behaving in a way that goes against the Safe Space policy of our School, you have the chance to defend yourself in front of the School’s management team / directors.


Heraklion Improv Theater was built as a safe space for everyone. We believe, recognize and support the diversity in theater and in the world of arts in general, and we do not discriminate. We are committed to maintaining the environment present at Heraklion Improv Theater as open to everyone; an environment that promotes the participating spirit and gives equal chances to every living soul. If you happen to be the victim of a discriminatory  incident or you notice any kind of discrimination, please inform us immediately.

Anti-discrimination Policy

Heraklion Improv Theater strives to be a safe and creative working and learning space. In order to succeed, the School has a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment. The term “harassment” refers to the unwanted behavior of employees, performers, trainers or students that either leads to a disturbance of the participation of a certain person at classes/ seminars/ employment at Heraklion Improv Theater or creates a hostile/ aggressive/ scary environment for a certain person. In case you are the victim of or you notice such behaviors, please mention it in a way that is mentioned in this text.

Sexual Harassment

Heraklion Improv Theater does not tolerate sexual harassment. The term “sexual harassment” refers to unwanted moves of sexual content, the invitation to favors of sexual nature and the behaviors (verbal or otherwise), that:

  • Fulfilling those, clearly means that might lead to a job offer or a spot at a class/ seminar or might provide a spot at a show or;
  • Fulfilling or rejecting those from an individual might be used as an excuse to receive decisions concerning employee status or performer status or student status at the School or;
  • Such behaviors disrupt an individual’s work or the theatrical performance or the participation at a class/ seminar/ show or creates a hostile, aggressive or scary environment for that individual.

Anti-retaliation policy

Heraklion Improv Theater is dedicated to offer a safe space to its community. Understanding and open communication is key. Based on that, Heraklion Improv Theater will not pursue retaliation actions against members of the School, trainers, staff, volunteers that, in good faith, report a harassment.

Attending classes/ seminars as well as any kind of collaboration with Heraklion Improv Theater implies immediate acceptance and compliance of all the above.

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