About improv

As our friend, Mick Napier, the creative director of The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, says in his book “Improvise: Scene From the Inside Out“:

“What the hell is improvisation?
Shall I take the long road or the short road?
I’ll take the short one – who has time?

Improvisation is getting on a stage and making stuff up as you go along

That’s it!

improv theater balloon

So improvisational theater is a form of live theater, sometimes comedy, sometimes not, where everything is made up on the spot. There is no preconception and no script. Whatever is created is invented in that particular moment. Be it the dialogue, the plot, the characters, their relationship, everything. Improv is unique in that if you see a performance, that’s it… there will never be another show exactly like it ever again. Improv is different every time. Often during seminars and shows, we’ll ask for a word or a phrase which will lead as inspiration to start a scene and create a magical world. It is tons of fun, very creative and the result is massively rewarding.

Improv is spontaneous, entertaining, and fun. But like all great things, you’ll have to see it first hand to fully experience and appreciate it.

Why should I do improv?

  • Function more spontaneously and effectively
  • Learn to adapt and be agile
  • Learn to believe and support your ideas
  • Learn to support and boost other people’s ideas
  • Learn how to work in a team
  • Improve your stage presence and your skills on public speaking
  • Create scenes and even whole shows with your imagination as your main ally
  • Develop your ability in communication
  • Learn to own your power
  • Gain confidence
  • Make new friends
  • Laugh! A lot!

So, is improv for me?

Improv is definitely for people that want to be on stage and improvise! Improv training is not only for actors and performers though. Being an actor does not necessarily mean that you’re a good improviser and vice versa. Improv is for everyone that is (or wants to be) a creative person, a person that wants to be calm, a person that wants to connect easier to other people or a person that wants to explore their skills and potentials. You may already have some of these skills but you don’t know it…yet!  We’re here to show you where they are hiding. Improv is like going to the gym, doing yoga, meditating and giving fun things to your brain to play with all at once but it’s also fun and sprinkled with extra joy!

At our school we welcome every person with love, respect and enthusiasm.

The beauty of improv is that each and every person can be whoever and do whatever they want! *

* Our school operates with respect to the individuality and personality of every person and is a safe space for people to express freely and develop their creativity. Hence, we do not tolerate any behaviors that might discriminate anyone and might be based on sex, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, color, religion, age or disability.

“The world is a slighty better place for having improvisation in it than it was before. There’s something about it that says something positive about the human spirit, that a bunch of people can get together and by following a few simple traffic rules can create art and can entertain an audience and can thrill and exalt each other.” — Del Close

“When the audience isn’t laughing, that doesn’t mean that they’re not fascinated.”
― Susan Messing

“Improvisation is the art of being completely O.K. with not knowing what the fuck you’re doing”
— Mick Napier

“Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.”
― Tina Fey

“Those who say yes are rewarded by the adventures they have.” ― Keith Johnstone

“Fail with confidence as though you’ve already succeeded! And laugh when you fuck up. It won’t change anything, but wouldn’t you rather be the person that falls down and laughs rather than the one who berates themselves and the sidewalk for ruining his day? Unless it’s a scene– then let the sidewalk have it. That shit’s funny.” ― Anděl Sudik

“There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”
― Amy Poehler