Improv Theater 4: Teamwork & Narration

Heraklion Improv Theater – Chandakos 36Γ

Can there be more than 2 people on stage while you’re improvising? Of course it can!

At level 4 we are targeting this particular concern. We explore how we can create a group mind that helps us communicate and operate in harmony and of course support each other on stage. We dive into how to build stories. What are the building blocks and what is important when creating a story. How can we narrate a story when there is no script. How to create consecutive scenes with consistency and continuity. You are also going to discover longform improv.

Level 4 is completed in six weeks.

Classes are taking part once per week for 3 hours each time (Total 18 hours)

Prerequisite to attend Level to is to have already completed “Improv Theater 3: You’ve got a friend in me”.

Max group size: 14 people

Total cost: 120 €

Special offer for Level 4! – Register before you complete Level 3 and receive a 10% discount.

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Level 4 is not yet open for registration.