Improv Theater 3: You’ve got a friend in me

Heraklion Improv Theater – Chandakos 36Γ

At level 3, we dive into how we can perform with a second person, the two of us together, in order to create enjoyable scenes. Learn to interact and co-operate, to create strong relationships between the characters on stage. Also learn how to effectively use the space to benefit the scene and create realistic worlds.

Level 3 is completed in six weeks.

Classes are taking part once per week for 3 hours each time (Total 18 hours).

Prerequisite to attend Level to is to have already completed “Improv Theater 2: All about characters”.

Max group size: 14 people

Total cost: 100 €

Special offer for Level 3 – Register before you complete Level 2 and receive a 10% discount.

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Level 3 is not yet open for registration.