Improviser, Improv Instructor and Performer.
Michalis is here to teach you, the individual, and you, the corporate person, how Improv can benefit you both on and off stage!


If you want to do your best, don't try to do your best. - Keith Johnstone

Improv has changed my life.

This is what I’m trying to pass on. I’m not trying to change lives, that’s up to you to decide whether something is life-changing or not. I’m trying to teach you how Improv can make you a better person and how you can make Improv better.







Improv is gooood for y'all


It all started...

…when Michalis fell in love with Improv Theater sometime in the decade of the 10’s.

Michalis is an improviser based in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. He is the founder and creative director of Heraklion Improv Theater, the first and only Improv Theater school on the island of Crete. 

He is a multi-influenced improviser since he has been taught from people around the globe ranging from Keith Johnstone all the way to improvisers of the Chicago Improv scene.

He can teach and perform in Greek, English, French and Spanish. 

His teaching style focuses on people having fun on stage, while creating meaningful scenes. He’s teaching towards acting naturally and realistically. He loves creating characters that are grounded in their reality (regardless if they live in a realistic or a fable-like environment).

Even though he might enjoy the casual pun and joke, he is strongly against it on stage. “If you want to make the audience laugh, make them laugh by creating meaningful relationships and awesome situations”, he says all the time.

When he’s not teaching or performing, he’s cycling while watching movies and drinking tea towards the sea to listen to the waves breaking the madness of the city.


Just a sample. Feel free to ask for anything you might need.

I hear you, and!

Tell me why !?!

Be inspired

Format/Genres workshops

“Bloody Bet” - Original Format

Your worst scene ever! – You CAN’T break Improv

People have said...

Michalis is a trusted fella


So many nice moments. Michalis teachings on Improv have chanched me. I’m laughing again. In a very loud way.

Vangelis (corporate)​

Awesome experience! You should try it! Michalis knowledge, experience, and approach were such a big part on me having an amazing time.


Improv and Michalis has helped me express myself in front of an audience, to think before I speak, to gain and to lose control of a situation, to create my own worlds and characters in them. To laugh with my whole being.

Mike (corporate)​

Michalis workshop was of the most amazing team bonding workshops I have attended. Fun, teaching and eventually deep.

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